Meet all your gift giving needs with a prepaid card. Like gift vouchers but more practical and personal, the Burgan Prepaid Visa Cards™ can be used virtually anywhere. The VISA BeeWallet is valid for 3 years and the Issuance fee is 2.5KD for the 3 years.

What are Burgan Prepaid Visa Cards™ ?

Do you find buying presents a hassle? Do you want to keep tabs on the spending habits of your kids? If the answer to any of these questions is "yes", then Burgan Bank has the perfect solution! The Gift Card is designed for any occasion, from birthdays to weddings, graduation to Eid and travel to employee rewards. The BeeWallet™ Card allows parents to provide just the right amount of money for their teens to spend. Both are Prepaid Visa cards that can be used at any retail or entertainment outlets worldwide where Visa International is accepted. Furthermore, these cards can be used for Online purchases.

Have you ever thought that the best gift is often the one that you would have chosen for yourself? Well, that is exactly why we have created two new prepaid Visa cards: The Visa Gift card and the BeeWallet™ card. Visa Gift Cards are appropriate for any occasion, be it a wedding, anniversary or holiday. BeeWallet™ Visa Cards are ideal to give to your son or daughter. Whether they are off to college, or at school or to employees to cover their business trip expenses.

Your gift of Burgan Prepaid Visa Cards is an excellent choice for relatives, friends, business associates and clients. More personal than cash, checks or gift vouchers, the recipient's name is printed on the card, alongside an embossed, individualized message from you. The BeeWallet™ Card is a unique gift for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries or other special times. It is an ideal way to treat others with an added, special touch from you!

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