Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Fee levied for the purchase of Beewallet card?

The issuance fee for Beewallet is: KD 2.5

How do I purchase Burgan Bank Beewallet card?

Beewallet cards are available in all Burgan Bank branches. You can also purchase Beewallet card online, through our prepaid card online service.

Detailed steps for Online purchase is mentioned below :

Login Prepaid card Online

Go to Request section under the Prepaid Cards tab & select "Purchase Beewallet Card".

How soon can I get a Beewallet card?

In our selected bank branches, Beewallet Card can be availed of from over the counter.

How do I Cancel an Order for Beewallet Card?

Once the order is placed and processed, the same cannot be cancelled.

How is the value topped up?

Beewallet cards are reloadable in nature and hence can be loaded either across all our branches or through Burgan Bank Prepaid card portal under the option “Reload your Beewallet Card

How do I know the balance on my Beewallet Card?

Balance enquiry through Customer Care: For balance enquiry through contact center, you will have to call Burgan bank 24-hour contact center and thereafter the contact center officer will tell you the amount available on the card.

Balance enquiry through Self-Care Portal :

Balance enquiry through Burgan Bank ATM network.

What is the validity of the Beewallet card?

The validity of the card is 3 year from the date of issue i.e. “Valid Thru” as printed on the card

What is the minimum & maximum amount that can be loaded on the Beewallet Card ?

Beewallet Card can be loaded to maximum amount of KD 2500 per card, with single reload amount not greater than KD 500.

What should I do to prevent unauthorized usage if I lose the card?

Your Burgan Bank Beewallet Card comes with zero lost-card liability after its loss has been reported. Hence report loss of the card to our Customer Care as soon as you come to know about it. We will block the card and thus prevent any further usage. We will then provide you with a replacement card on request, fee will be levied for the replacement card.