Visa Gift Card

Gift Card

The occasion of gifting becomes extra special when the gift comes as per the receiver’s choice. Burgan Bank is pleased to bring you a gift that will not fail to impress your family or friends. We bring to you the Burgan Bank Gift Card - an ideal gifting solution!

Burgan Bank Gift Card is an all year round gift for any occasion like birthdays, weddings, EID’s, anniversaries, farewell etc. It makes your gifting experience hassle-free and helps save your precious time.

What's more, gift cardholders can spend the amount loaded on the card at all VISA enabled stores as they like. Gift cardholders also have the advantage of checking their balance at any bank's ATM, online or by calling up our Contact Centre.

Benefits to the Card Holders

Flexibility of use : Spend the amount in any number of transactions within the validity period. The value and location of the purchase is at the discretion & convenience of the cardholder.

Freedom of choosing the gift : Burgan Bank Gift Card lets the receiver decide how to spend the card amount. Be it shopping, dining or partying, cardholders can use the card just the way they want.

Enjoy offers and discounts : Gift Cardholder can avail amazing discounts on shopping, dining, fashion and travel.

Online shopping : The Burgan Bank Gift Card has been enabled for making payments for online purchases. For security on the internet, you need to register for “Verified by Visa” prior to usage of the Card.

It’s also easy to track : Using Burgan Bank Prepaid ( website, you can check the card’s balance and transaction history.

Safer than cash : Card offers protection and security features, easily replaced if lost or stolen.

Benefits to Corporate

Saves time & effort : All the Gift cards can be uploaded through a single debit instruction thereby reducing accounting hassles and saving time. Increase efficiency by eliminating selection, procurement, packaging and handling costs.

Edge over paper vouchers : Burgan Bank Gift Card is more durable, portable and prestigious to use as compared to paper vouchers. You can also personalize the Gift Card by embossing your company name on it.

Wider acceptability : Burgan Bank Gift Card is accepted across all Visa Merchants locally as well as Internationally.

To make the most of every opportunity : Unique and attractive gifting options, apt for any event of giving incentives, commissions, bonus etc. to your employees, partners or business associates.

How do I get the Burgan Bank Prepaid Gift Card?

Gift cards are available in all Burgan Bank branches. You can also purchase Gift card online, through our Prepaid Card online service.

Detailed steps for Online purchase is mentioned below :

Login Prepaid card Online

Go to Request section under the Prepaid Cards tab & select "Purchase Gift Card".

Gifts Card can be personalized with the beneficiary name as provided by you.

Available Denominations in KD

25.000 50.000 75.000
100.000 150.000 300.000
200.000 400.000 500.000