Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Burgan Bank X-Change card?

Burgan Bank X-Change card is a pre-paid foreign currency cards available in 7 multicurrency’s that makes your foreign trip / shopping totally hassle-free and convenient. You can reload this pre-paid card at any of our branches or via Prepaid card portal

Which currencies is the Burgan Bank X-Change card available in?

Burgan Bank X-Change card is available in World's 7 major currencies i.e. USD / Pound / Euro / UAE Dirham (AED) / Saudi Riyal (SAR) / Philippines Peso / Egyptian Pound (EGP).

Will I require a PIN for my Burgan Bank X-Change card?

Yes, you will get a new PIN for ATM transactions, both for withdrawing funds and uploading funds to your Burgan Bank X-Change card.

What exchange rates are charged at the time of purchase?

The card can be bought at the ongoing exchange rate of that day offered by the Bank

If I charge my card while there are still amounts in the card will the old amounts be converted to the new rate?

No, the amounts remain the same since they are already in the currency.

How can I reload my card?

The existing card can be reloaded via visiting any of our branches / Cash Deposit Machines or visiting our prepaid card portal

When will my card be active?

Once it is collected from the Branch it will be active and you will receive a pin on spot and be able to use the amounts available.

What do I do, if my Burgan Bank X-Change card is lost or stolen?

You should immediately report the matter to the Bank officials at the branches; or call our contact center at +965 1804080 to report the matter. It is strictly advisable that you do not share your secret PIN number with anyone. Once you report the matter to the Bank, you will be provided with a new ATM card and a new PIN number.

Can I use my Burgan Bank X-Change card outside Kuwait?

Your Burgan Bank X-Change card gives you exceptional ease and reliability across all MasterCard merchants both within and outside Kuwait.

Which cards are accepted as a valid source of payment for purchasing and reloading the X-Change card?

All locally issued ATM/ Debit cards are considered to be valid sources of payment for the X-Change card application and reload.