Burgan Prepaid X-Change Card™

The power-packed Burgan bank Xchange Card is the perfect travel companion for all your international trips. It is a smart, cost effective, convenient and secure alternative to carry foreign currency while travelling abroad. It offers instant loading and activation, enabling you to start using the card immediately after purchase for your international flight, hotel bookings & Shopping.

With this we have brought you the best of both worlds and present to you this unique product that will enable you to save money as you spend. Keep your selected currency locked at the rate which you see suitable. Besides protecting you from currency rate fluctuations, the card offers you great discounts at merchant outlets across the globe for your dining, shopping, stay and other expenses. It also provides many additional benefits including Comprehensive Travel Insurance**, and zero lost card liability.

Further secure your International online payments with the new 3D Secure authentication.3D Secure provides you additional security through a simple checkout process that confirms your identity when you make payments.